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Frequently asked questions about Flaminal®

How to use


Flaminal Hydro Enzym Alginogel moderately exuding wounds Flaminal Forte Enzym Alginogel heavily exuding wounds
How should I treat necrotic wounds (black wounds) with Flaminal® Hydro:

  1. Clean the wound with a cleanser such as Flamirins®.
  2. Debride the wound (remove necrosis). Necrosis compromises wound healing. Necrotic tissue also harbours bacteria. Finally necrotic tissue complicates a proper assessment of the healing process. In case of thick or extended necrotic tissue, surgical debridement is used to remove the bulk of the necrosis or a hydrogel to dissolve the crust. Thereupon Flaminal® Hydro is used (see 4.) Clean the wound using a cleanser such as Flamirins®.
  3. Apply Flaminal® Hydro in a layer that is sufficiently thick, to further dissolve the crust (autolysis) to absorb dissolved particles into its enzyme alginogel structure and to restore or maintain bacterial balance in the wound, Apply a moist retentive dressing to cover Flaminal® Hydro (e.g. a Polyurethane film) and fix, if needed, with a non-adhesive bandage or tape. The choice of dressing will depend on the amount of exudate from the wound.
  4. Inspect the wound daily and change the dressing when needed.

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Indications   | Antibacterial system | How to use | Wound management
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