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Frequently asked questions about Flaminal®

Antibacterial system


Flaminal Hydro Enzym Alginogel moderately exuding wounds Flaminal Forte Enzym Alginogel heavily exuding wounds
I have noticed that an infection appears when treating patients with Flaminal® Hydro or Flaminal® Forte

Observing basic wound care rules and applying the product correctly will substantially reduce contamination as well as risk of infection. You should apply a sufficiently thick layer of Flaminal® Hydro and Flaminal® Forte, as it is important to keep the wound moist and this also enables the enzymes to be fully active. Also, the wound must be kept clean (and rinsed), to prevent micro-organisms binding to dead tissue. If micro-organisms infiltrate deeply into the wound, and clinical signs of infection appear, consult your doctor or wound clinician. Systemic antibiotics may be required.

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Indications   | Antibacterial system | How to use | Wound management
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