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Mission Statement

Dear all,

thank you all for your enthusiasm, your energy, your ideas and your hard work in making Flen what we are today. Aiming to support our patients to live the life they love now and, in the future, I have updated our mission statement which clearly states the WHY we do what we do and gives us guidelines on the HOW we do what we do.


We want to help those patients that suffer from diseases that many people consider not important, although they greatly affect the quality of life. The little girl with burns, the reason for founding Flen, is our example. We want to identify those diseases and develop innovative solutions. And then we want all these patients, across the world, to be able to access our solutions, so all can again live the life they love.

We care: Not only do we place the patient at the centre of our efforts but we care for every living being and we care for our environment.

We innovate: we continuously question the status quo and strive to build the best innovation in the way we work. We develop the best working procedures, the best technologies, the best products because we continuous communicate with patients and caregivers in their environment.

We grow: we want this innovation to be accessible to increasingly more individuals. My dream is that every patient has easy access to the best innovative treatment.

We do: We go for what we believe in, against all odds, continuously persevering until we reach our goals, until all these patients can live the life they love.

We are: a great place to work: we care for each other, as a team; we foster innovation with every Flen member; together we grow, as an individual and as a team, to make innovation accessible and we continue to do this responsibly and respectfully.

Best regards,

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