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Superficial wounds:

Gently apply Flamigel® on the entire surface of the wound. Spread Flamigel® out, without rubbing.

Open wounds:
  1. Clean and rinse the wound.
  2. Dab and dry carefully.
  3. Apply a thick layer (5 mm) Flamigel® to the wound, avoiding the wound borders.
  4. Maintain Flamigel® by using a dressing (f. ex. paraffin gauze or transparent film).
When to replace Flamigel®?

Leave Flamigel® on the wound as long as the gel remains unaltered, 1 to 3 days,
depending on the type of wound. When the wound assumes a rosy appearance (phase of epithelisation) apply a thin layer of Flamigel® to the wound.

Precautions: Side effects such as irritation or allergic reactions are rare.

Do not apply Flamigel® to the eyelids nor into the eyes. Should this occur, rinse the eyes with running water during some 5 minutes. Ask a Doctor for advice.

On extensive or highly exuding wounds a more absorbing product should be used instead. Ask a Doctor for advice. Severely infected wounds require additional treatment.

How to store Flamigel®

At room temperature (<25C) and in the original container. The expiry date (see"Year/Month") indicates the last day of a given month e.g 2014/07 means till 31 July 2014
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